Posted on February 16, 2017 at 3:17 am

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"No story is complete without romance" – Ravindra Gautam

Valentine Day is today and producer Ravindra Gautam who is producing Meri Durga feels Valentine Day is a very young urban concept. Ravindra says,”

Valentine day is a very young urban western concept relevant only among urban youngsters of metros and big cities, which are usually not the people who watch our soaps.”

So how much you relate to the concept of Valentine as a maker?

“As a producer personally I would say if it cannot garner TRP’s then it’s of no use spending money on valentine sequences unless it is relevant to the storyline.”

Personally Ravindra feels any occasion that gives a chance to express love, happiness and celebration is always welcome. The soaps have strong romantic content these days. What have you to say about that?

“Love stories have always worked whether it is on television or films. Look around and you will see that intimacy depiction in society has changed so much, so but obvious it’s bound to change in soaps.”

Talking about his own take on showing love content in shows Ravindra adds,

“No story is complete without romance. So though ours is primarily a father-daughter story,we have still incorporated a very sweet romantic track of Durga’s elder sister.”