Posted on February 22, 2017 at 4:04 am


Badho Bahu's Jaya Ojha throws a lavish party!

Jaya Ojha who plays the role of Malti Ahlawat in Badho Bahu produced by Dipti Kalwani’s Sunny Side Up and Teena Swayyam and Sushant Kumar’s Hum Tum Telefilms, celebrated her 20th Anniversary with husband Udbhav this 14th February.

Speaking on this, she said,

“It’s been 20 years we celebrate our anniversary n valentines party this way only. Mostly we keep the party on 13th evening and it goes till 4-5 in morning, 14th we keep it to ourselves.”

Speaking of her husband Udbhav, Jaya shared,

“My husband Udbhav Ojha is a singer and composer and his debut film was Mohabbatein. He ha sung all songs for Uday Chopra and many more for other films and albums and has done music for many tv shows. I have also done my post graduation in music.

Speaking of the musical party, she mentioned,

“We celebrate it musically, it is like a musical mehfil, we start with our ghazal singer friend Arnabh Chatterjee and then as the mehfil goes, Udbhav sings, then I sing along with some musicians, guitar, tabla, harmonium.”

Many known stalwarts were gathered for the celebration. To which Jaya added,

“This year my husband’s childhood friends Ajay and Pradeep came from Jaora gave surprise as well my friend Manisha came from Udaipur. Pankaj Dheer and Anita Dheer are always there to bless us, Deepak Parashar is also there almost every time, Avinash Das (director of Anarkali Arawali), Ram Kumar are very close friends and very musical, they are always there until the end. Pankaj Dheer is like family so he’s always a jaan of our party. Deepak Parashar has his own presence…Unki films ke gaane bhi gaate hain!”

This year’s party also saw the presence of Hum Tum Telefilms’ Sushant Kumar and Teenna Swayyam as well as Jaya’s co-stars, to which she said, “This time Badho Bahu producers Sushant and Teenna were like icing on the cake. Had a real blast with them and my co-actors.! There were almost 70-75 people this time, so a lot of hungama! It wasn’t a usual night!”