Posted on February 20, 2017 at 6:13 pm

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An Unsuitable Boy has touched me so deeply!

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I ordered Karan Johar’s biography An Unsuitable Boy as soon as it hit Amazon and the day I received it at my doorstep I began reading. Four and half days later I completed the book… while I still have two-hundred pages of reading still pending for class.

There are hundreds and thousands out there like myself who are dragging their eyes across the pages of this biography and diving into Kjo’s life story. But I like to believe I am a bit different from the hundreds and thousands… there are points of this biography I was laughing, smiling, or even balled my eyes out and had to take a break from reading. After all he is a creative storyteller and he’s Karan Johar, so he’s good at telling a story whether its on the big-screen or now in a book. The biography is like the beginning titles of Kuch Kuch Hota Hai- they’ll make you cry, laugh, dance and fall in love.
fullsizerender-2That’s the Kjo effect.

Like my film reviews, I am not going to walk you through the biography as I’d like you to pick up the book and read his story yourself. But to give an overview its a biography so it is obviously about Karan himself and his life journey from school days, to Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, from his father, family, friends, relations, and more importantly him as a multi talented creative soul.

I am that human being at a party or group environment who defends the film industry as if they are my own. I hear so many people pass judgments about the Indian industry and it makes me cringe inside. It appalls me how celebrities are peoples way of bashing up other humans or just instigating their personal life. Karan Johar is one of those celebrities every Indian loves to talk about at any party. Whether its his sexuality, what he did on this reality show, or what kind of questions he asked on Koffee With Karan, or why his films are supposedly not good. I hope that every being that has ever trashed on Karan Johar reads his book and understands him for what he has created for himself and respects him for that. I personally never needed any reassurance about him, but after reading his biography I felt a whole new level of connection with this magical creator that is simply unexplainable.

When you read the biography all your questions about his films are answered. Even to those who didn’t like some of his films, he also may agree with you. You read about the man who is on all faces of the film industry and guess what he is no different in his personal life. He is as real as it gets on-screen, through his films, and in writing too. He is a man who has had his own set of struggles at different points in his life and has overcame them through simply hard work and drive.

fullsizerenderI read the biography in the eyes of wanting to one day work with Karan Johar, so my reading insight on An Unsuitable Boy is extremely biased, but it is truly a beautiful heartfelt story.

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