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Raees Film Review!

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Most Shah Rukh Khan fans are totally swooned by his undying romance as Rahul and Raj, but I was totally attracted to the fearless, grudgy and sexy character RaeesSRK might be fifty one but he doesn’t look a day older than 35 and has definitely proven that we as an audience should NOT stop seeing Shah Rukh on the big-screen ever!


Raees Rahul Dholakia directed film which will keep you on edge from beginning to end. This isn’t your typical ‘gangster’ film. In fact Shah Rukh has introduced a whole new level of suave and tactic style to a character who may seem wrong in the eyes of the law, but delivers impeccable entrepreneurial style to the public. 

Rahul and the rest of the writers of the film have designed each and every character so distinctly you are eager to know Raees’ next move along with other characters like his opposing man, Ambalal Majmudar played by none other than Nawazuddin Siddiqui. This chemistry portrayed on-screen between both SRK and Nawazuddin was glorifying. Like Shah Rukh has mentioned in an interview with Anupama Chopra, he wanted to create a ‘romantic like relationship’ between his character and Nawazuddin. Additionally Raees’ sidekick Sadiq, played by another outstanding actor Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub is truly one of my favorite actors. The list of actors shown in the film is endless and the casting director of the film deserves an applaud. I cannot forget to mention Mahira Khan who not only is beautiful, but her performance was infectious and she meshed so well with Shah Rukh on-screen, I wouldn’t even mind seeing them in a another film together!

The story, the dialogues, the performance- it all felt like I was seeing a real story appear on-screen in front of me today. While the violence level was extremely high, I was happy to see there were no cheesy fight scenes like what the Indian audience eye is used to, and nor did they look ‘fake’. I had an extreme James Bond type feel in me during all the fight scenes, and I know SRK was probably totally in all awe bringing out the inner Bond in him.

Ram Sampath’s music of the film seamlessly fit well in the film, it was a perfect balance to a Hindi action crime thriller film. From celebrations through Udi Udi Jaye to romanticizing in Zaalima to Sunny Leone’s remake of Laila Main Laila.

Raees is most definitely a must watch film on the big-screen, and not just because its a Shah Rukh Khan film but because the film on a whole is totally worth your entertainment buck!

Urban Asian’s review of Raees is

4.5 stars out of 5

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