Posted on January 4, 2017 at 1:17 am

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#FanNews: I'm a big Salman Khan fan says Diljit Dosanjh!

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In a recent interview, Diljit makes public his love for Salman Khan! When it comes to recounting this year’s best performances, one name that stands out unanimously is the debutante in Hindi cinema Diljit Dosanjh for Udta Punjab. In a recent year ender interview, he reveals his last star struck moment with none other than Salman Khan.


A self confessed Salman Khan fan, Diljit recounts his experience of meeting the megastar in Punjab for the first time.

“Salman Sir was in Punjab shooting for a song in Bodyguard while I was shooting for a Punjabi film. When I learnt he’s in town I was so excited and wanted to meet him and get a picture with him. I asked quite a few people and finally found someone who could help us visit him on set. He was just so sweet and patient. My co-star and I were complete fan boys and were thrilled that we were taking a picture with him.”

See every star has a idol they would love to work with! We agree, that Diljit has good taste as well!