Posted on December 9, 2016 at 2:31 am

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Bado Bahu producer Sushant Kumar supports PM Modi's demonetization policy!

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With demonetization affecting every part of our society, entertainment is one sector that has been hit including the television industry. Producer of the very popular show Badho Bahu, Sushant Kumar shared his thoughts on how the process is affecting the industry which provides a huge amount of jobs to Indians.
Sushant Kumar
About the demonetization exercise, Sushant says,
“Demonetization is a good decision for the long term. I agree we all are facing initial problems but I’m sure there will be an economic boom in the future.”
The producer also shared how the TV industry is being affected by the decision. He says,
“Every single person is affected  but everybody is cooperating too, so it not been too much of a problem. We are paying are paying most expenses via check.”
Sushant is actually favor of the PM’s monetary policy,
“I am strongly in favor of Modi. This process is for the betterment of every Indian and is for the greater good of the country.”
In the long term, Sushant agrees that the production costs may reduce because of the changed economic policy. But currently, on a personal level, he did not face a lot of difficulties,
“I’m somebody  who always preferred using plastic money and online transactions over cash, so this demonetization is not bothering me much. I am actually helping others to understand this whole process. I taught my domestic help to use Paytm and use cards. I believe that demonetization is a problem only for people who don’t use plastic money or those people who hide their income. Being an honest tax payer, I am just hoping that now people will realize they need to pay their taxes honestly and help the government make a cash-less or a less cash society.”