Posted on December 22, 2016 at 7:19 pm


Actor Mrunal Jain's wife Sweetie turned designer!

Popular actor Mrunal Jain is a happy married man and has got a beautiful and talented wife Sweetie. Recently Sweetie turned a shoe designer and the actor husband is very happy and supporting his wife.

Commenting on her artistic side Sweetie says,

“Since childhood I was very creative, and also I was very good in drawing. My specialty was making best out of waste. And whatever I used to make I  always got appreciation from my family and friends. And that appreciation kept me motivated.  I always wanted to do something on my own be it a boutique or something of that sort and finally I started something and I also got inspiration from my family.”

Talking about her husband Mrunal‘s role in this Sweetie tells,

“My husband mostly handles the social networking and he keeps on motivating me.”

Sweetie has clients like Rashmi Desai and Karishma Tanna as she adds,

“They all are very happy with the shoes and have given a very positive feedback and it is motivating me more and I will keep giving the best to all my clients.”