Posted on November 4, 2016 at 4:05 am

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Namish Taneja's look in Swargini is revealed!

Namish Taneja, who was missing from Swaragini after the show took a leap of 6 months is back with a bang. The dashing actor will be seen in a new avatar and has already started shooting for his re-entry sequence.


We heard that he will re-enter in the show as Lakshya’s lookalike Abhimanyu. The actor will be shown as the father of a six year old girl, and is married to another girl.”

Namish got a makeover and with spectacles, new hairstyle and a trimmed beard. They have given him a matured look. When quizzed whether he was reluctant to play the role of a father in the show, the actor promptly replied,

“No! As an actor we need to experiment and portray roles with different shades, variation and graphs.”

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