Posted on November 2, 2016 at 5:34 am


Jacob Trembley talks about his Shut In co-star Naomi Watts!

He’s just 10 years old but has already been nominated for the Academy Awards for his terrific performance in The Room last year. Boy wonder Jacob Tremblay is all set to stun everyone once again with his next outing, Shut In.

Jacob will be seen with Naomi Watts in this horror-thriller as Tom, talking about his role in the film he says,

“Tom is a foster kid and can’t hear very well. He comes to visit this psychiatrist named Mary (Naomi Watts) who tries to help him.”


Ask him about his experience working with Naomi Watts, he’ll floor you with his cuteness,

“She’s very nice and kind. There is one scene where I am sitting in a tunnel on the walls in her house and she had to scream when she spots me there but when she screamed, it scared me so she came to me and said, “Oh my god! I’m so sorry” and I said its ok but later we both were laughing.”

Jacob was just 8 when he shot for the film. Shut In set to release on November 18th in India by PVR Pictures.

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