Posted on November 5, 2016 at 5:10 am

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Challenging Role for Swapna Pati in “Two Desires and a Dream”!

The entertainment industry loves characters with disabilities as we have seen them in the movies, like PAA played by Amitabh Bachchan and Hrithik Roshan in Guzarish but this phrase is going to change soon with the film “TWO DESIRES AND A DREAM”. This is a story of a person with an extreme disability and his relationship with a “normal” girl based on Jitendra Kumar Biswal, a quadriplegic since childhood from Odisha. The story unwinds through a real-life quadriplegic Jitendra who is also playing the role of the main protagonist in the film. After months of online interaction a chance encounter with a girl, Jitendra develops unexplained feelings for her.


Actress and social activist Swapna Pati plays the female lead in this movie. She sports the typical matured and confident woman look, as she portrays the character of a love interest, possessing immense mental strength. She is trying to cure the paraplegic Jitendra with her pure love, passion and is adopting a different approach which seems to speak of a dedication that certainly is praiseworthy. It really seems to be a treat for the Swapna Pati fans to see her in this very tangent form of acting, which is in totally different from what she have done before on screen as co-stars, or even with other actors she has worked with.

Swapna said,

“You will discover me as new and a very serious personality. You will see how  the loneliness, the agony, the frustration as well as the hope, the desire, the passion people with disabilities have in their lives. It was really difficult for me as I have to go through many workshops and have visited many NGO to get into the character which have taken me a lot of patience and that makes the character special for me. This is all I will say right now.”


Swapna Pati’s character’s life centers on her and they share a silent tacit love which is both beautiful and spirited. The film is all about love, care, commitment, and loyalty and there is no problem in a disabled person to express those components. But unfortunately, people are reluctant to forge a relationship with those with different abilities. Swapna added,

“People keep their disabled children away from others, confine them within the four walls of a house and do not send them to school also.”

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