Posted on October 30, 2016 at 11:46 pm

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Whoa: Shardul Pandit interviews Manoj Bajpai and Vijay Raaz while he is super high!

While the West has explored a lot fun and quirky concepts of interviewing celebrities, we haven’t seen much of that in India. However, this new show, called High 5 featuring Shardul Pandit is going to change that. Based on the concept.

“What if an anchor was high while talking to celebrities”,

this seems to be a fun new concept. In the West, for example, celebrity hosts like Ellen Degeneres has The Ellen Show, Zach Gallifianakis has his very funny and absurd Between The Ferns and Jimmy Fallon has his own show where each of these hosts do something crazy in every show.
Thinking on the same lines, actor and anchor Shardul Pandit got this concept to Spotboye called High 5 which goes beyond the usual talk show format and pushes the envelope. In the show, the host is irreverent, mad and crazy. Not only that, Shardul is also quite high during the interviews and asks questions which are hilarious and unrelated to what stars have come to talk about.
The first video features Manoj Bajpai and Vijay Raaz from the team of the latest film Saat Uchakkey.  And the two talented actors loved shooting for this refreshingly mad concept. And while it may not seem like it, shooting for such a show is a challenge. When contacted, Shardul spoke more about it and said,

“Yes we did this unique video with Manoj Bajpai and Vijay Raaz. It was fun but there is a lot of skill, acting and spontaneity involved in the part of the host because something like this can not be completely scripted. The show is totally based on how the actors interact with me. Also, with actors like Vijay Raaz, who have a razor sharp wit, its not easy to come up with clever comebacks.”

So, how did it go for Shardul?

“It was amazing. Vijay and Manoj couldn’t stop laughing. Vijay even hugged me after the shoot and told me I was good,” said the anchor.

Well, its time Indian media got creative.  Let’s wait and watch who Spotboye will bring next to be grilled by a very high Shardul!

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