Posted on October 26, 2016 at 7:22 pm

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When Shashank, Shivin and Mrunal met cancer patients in Jaipur

Actors Shashank Vyas, Shivin Narang and Mrunal Jain during their trip to Jaipur visited Mahavir Cancer Hospital on the foundation day of the hospital. Anila Kothari had organized actors interaction with cancer struck children who are on the road to recovery.
All three actors were touched by the experience. Speaking about the experience, Shashank said,
“It’s an amazing feeling to be with children who fight battle of the health. They as well as people taking care of them are heroes. I am touched by Anila Kothari’s endeavour”.
Shivin Narang said,
“Its a moment of proud to get an opportunity to make children smile. We merely act and entertain people but people who take so much care personally is commendable”.
Mrunal Jain adds,
“My Jaipur visit is worth because I visited cancer hospital. I am reminded that everyone’s life is not easy and one needs to be a warrior” .
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