Posted on October 30, 2016 at 11:54 pm

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Vikas Seth and Mahesh Pandey share Diwali plans!

Producer Vikas Seth is a happy man these days as his show Yeh Vaada Raha has successfully completed a year recently and it’s a Diwali time also.



He says,

“Diwali is the festival of friendship and bonding of religion, everyone celebrates Diwali. This festival also brings light in darkness. Last Diwali was memorable as I bought my car independently. This Diwali I will have a house party where I am expecting my near and dear ones.”

Well Diwali is all about loving your family and your work.

Mahesh Pandey says,

“I will do pooja and other rituals.  When I used to be a child I used to clean house along with my mother.  I used to burst crackers for three days and it used to be difficult to gather money for crackers. Masala Dosa used to be attraction and going out with friends used to be fun. Ye Vaada Raha is doing well and it feel great. Happiness to me means happiness of my folks or people who matter personally. Happiness is not just making money a balance between personal and professional life is a must and that makes all the difference.”

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