Posted on October 10, 2016 at 11:58 pm

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#TVBUZZ: Popular TV folks talk about Dussehra!

We are back with another list of actors who are celebrating Dussehra! We all know from September to November it’s Holiday Season in India! What better way to celebrate with family and friends and praying to Ram and even playing the character when you were little! We know you did too! Here are some TV actors who are taking part in the festive and a few of them even played the role when they were young! No wonder they grew up to be such great TV actors!

Ssharaad Malhotraa : Dussehra means festivities and celebrations, the weather is also pleasant. The best memory is when I played Ram in school and I got standing applaud for my performance, I feel nostalgic when I think about it.


Shashank Vyas : Ujjain is a colorful city in terms of festivals. Ram-leela happens a lot in Ujjain and I have seen it couple of times. The feeling of victory of good over evil is the essence of life which one is reminded of every Dussehra.


Aniruddh Dave : In Jaipur Dashers in big people dress up in new clothes. I have been a theater actor so Ramleela has always intrigued me as an actor. Dusshera is not just a festival it reflects the philosophy of life.


Vivian Dsena : Ujjain is my hometown and while growing up I have seen Dussehra celebrations with crackers and Ramleela and I used to have quality time with friends.

vivian-in-whiteRavi Dubey : I am from Delhi Dusshera is quite big, people dress up in new clothes and celebrate with dhoom-dhadaka. In colony we used to make ravan with paper and other old stuffs and burning it was delightful feeling of victory.


Rashami Desai : I loved to see Ravan Dehen and loved that I have great childhood memories of going for Ram leela and Ravan Dehen plays. Dussehra gives a very feel good feeling. I like to see people dressed everywhere and family gatherings are a delight too!


Vahbiz Dorabjee : Dussehra symbolizes the conquest of good over evil. It’s so good to have family together on this auspicious day. Any Dussehra celebration is incomplete without a visit to a Mela. You not only find desi versions of fun rides like the Ferris Wheel and the Merry-Go-Round but loads of street food and mithai in every nook and corner of the ground.


Arjun Bijlani : Dussehra for everyone is victory of good over evil. I remember my childhood days playing with ‘dhanush baan’ and ‘gada’ toys, Ravan masks and considering yourself no less than the Ramayan characters, Ram, Ravan and Hanuman.


Hitesh Bhardwaj – I think for me Dussehra is more important because I am a small town boy. I am from Mathura. Dussehra recollects all my childhood memories. I have seen Ramleela on the biggest grounds of Mathura and I guess Ramleela was the most exciting and first experience of my acting career.


Laksh – Dussehra reminds me victory of Good over evil. The best part is positivity all around. It marks the festive season which s followed by Diwali. The memories of Delhi Dussera is all families gathering together and celebrating it.


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