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TV stars reveal their favorite advertisements!

Ads have always been the high point of Indian television. With their quirky, offbeat and at times even charming messages, we all have our favorite ads. But when it comes to TV stars, things are a bit different because it so happens that these actors also star in advertisements themselves! But here’s looking at which ads do these stars love.

Which advertisement do you love and why do you love it?
Jasmin Bhasin
Favorite Ad: The Odonil ad
In the Odonil ad I was featured in, everybody loved my performance. I got so much more work and recognition because of that one advertisement. In fact, I actually landed a role in Tashan-e-Ishq also because of it! So yes, that had to be my favorite.


Saurabh Pandey

Favorite Ad: The Dairy Milk ad

I feel that ad, with the pretty girl running around the cricket pitch, munching a Dairy Milk was one of the most iconic advertisements. It conveyed so many feelings like happiness, freedom, joy and a love for chocolates. And the music, I still remember their chorus, “Kya swad hai zindagi mein…”


Ssharaad Malhotraa :
Favorite Ad:
Dhara Sunflower Oil
See, I’ve never gone and bought sunflower oil for myself! But that ad for Dhara Sunflower oil, with that cute little boy who is sad and wants to leave home. AT the railway station he is stopped by his Ramu Kaka, who takes him back home by bribing him with the promise of hot jalebis. It was such a sweet feeling that the ad conveyed. Kind of makes you feel nostalgic about the nineties.


Shashank Vyas
Favourite Ad : The Imperial Blue ad

I love the tagline, which says ‘Men will be men’. The whole series of these ads are quirky, funny and unique. But at the same time, they are apt and very close to real life!

Shivin Narang
Favourite Ad: Aamir Khan’s Coke ad

I remember the song of Coke ads by Aamir Khan. It had that tagline ‘Thanda matlab Coca-Cola’. I feel that was one of the best ads which had a great impact on consumers. As a marketing student in my college, I remember giving a presentation on that ad and how It changed the mindset o people. They started relating thanda, a desi word, with Coke and that advertising campaign proved to be really profitable for the brand too.

Rashami Desai:
Favourite Ad: Kit Kat chocolates

There is this one Kit Kat ad which I really like, because it’s just so cute! It has all these babies dancing around, looking all happy. The background score of the kids singing is also super adorable!

Mohammad Nazim: 

Favourite Ad: Polo ads


It was probably the funniest advertisement I saw, where the mom wants the kid to wear a sweater and keeps saying, “Beta, sweater pehno!” I remember it was so funny and popular at the time. It was just irreverent, yet cute and memorable.

Ankit Bathla:
Favorite Ad: Happy Dent


I remember the Happy Dent advertisements from a couple of years ago. They had all these people chewing Happy Dent and their teeth would start glowing so brightly, they didn’t need lights! That was quite funny, and successful too, because I remember them still!

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