Posted on October 1, 2016 at 3:11 am

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TV actor and anchor Shardul Pandit recently posted an open letter to Fawad Khan on his instagram!

Dear Fawad Afzal Khan, I also have an open letter for you.



I don’t want you to go back to Pakistan. I want to welcome you to a country which I am super proud of . A country which has been and will be known to embrace the human being and artiste in you. My country is about assimilation and welcoming of cultures “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam”. I am a proud Indian who loves his country and is angry and upset at what has happened to our soldiers. I do not support nor am I ready to tolerate this terrorism. But no. I refuse to give into hate. I refuse to criminalise you or anyone who has only been doing their job. I know people might question my patriotism, but I just hope they understand the essence of my country and my culture. I have worked in a country (UAE) where I have, as an Indian, interacted and befriended all nationalities, including Pakistanis. I know that we, on both sides of the border, are tired and done with terrorism, divide, hatred and slamming. Social media has given us all a voice . A voice that matters. A voice that can bring about change. So I, at the risk of inviting hateful comments, loudly and boldly say; I love my country and I choose to not make you the victim of this hatred. It needs to stop. Terrorism needs to stop. Also, terrorism of hate, hackeneyed views , feudal mindset and bullying needs to stop. Terrorism is what is happening at the border, but it’s also what someone tried to do when they become bullies. Terrorism is trying to shun a voice. It’s also denying a human being basic human respect. Telling an artiste to stop doing what he does (entertain). So, Dear Fawad, please continue to do what you do, which is your job. There is enough hate already.
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