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This is how TV stars celebrated Navratri this year!

Even though the nine days are up people are still dressing up and going out enjoying Navratri like it will never end. When Navratri season comes it’s a time for positivity, prayers, and enjoying all things good in the world with family and friends. Our TV stars always have fun and jump into the festive zone this time of the year, as they fast, pray and dance all night long to celebrate the auspicious occasion. Check out what few of the actors have to say about how they celebrated Navratri this year.

Divyanka Tripathi: “I have always been very fond of Navratri. I would not shy away to say that Garba is my favorite dance form. Back home, I used to go for Garba maha utsavs and dance for hours and even win prizes. Also, since Garba is a pure form of dancing since its motive is to worship Ma Durga, it takes me into a meditative zone. I am thoroughly energized and refreshed every time I do the Garba. Being a celebrity, it gets tough to practice your hobbies in public gatherings. However, I still don’t leave any opportunity to let my hair down and enjoy whenever possible!”


Rashmi Desai: “I am a Gujarati, so for me, Navratri is about dressing up, meeting friends and watching everyone play dandiya besides doing regular pooja. It’s one of the most colorful, rich festivals for us Gujarati’s. I usually couldn’t go to do the garba all the nine days, but I try my best to go at least three days every year, without fail. I fast all nine days since many years. I actually live on fruits in Navratri. My favorite fruits include apple, banana , and Kiwi. My most precious childhood memories of Navratri are the times when my mom used to take me shopping for Garba and dandiya. I remember buying all those colorful costumes and jewelry and  playing Garba all nine nights. Also, since I would fast, my mother would pamper me with all the delicacies that can only be eaten during the fast. We would get the Garbi (an earthen pot that is decorated and a dia is placed inside it which has to be kept lit for nine days) at our place and have a puja and recite prayers. It was all just a beautiful experience”


Shivin Narang: “I have been following Navratri since childhood. I am a Delhite and there is big celebration back there. At home, there is a pooja where we serve halwa and chole- bhature. Previously, I used to fast on all nine days. But now, given the nature of my profession and the fact that I live alone in Mumbai, I fast at least on the first and last day. I do pooja at home all by myself as a regular tradition. To me, Navratri means a lot of cleansing and positivity.”


Saurabh Pandey: “Navratri is a festival celebrated for Maa Shakti or Shera Wali, who are both the same. We have aarti and a puja of Mata every morning and evening. All our food is pure Jain, without onion and garlic. On the last day of Navratri, a lot of small girls, many of whom are my sisters, come to our home. We treat them as avatars of Mata as because children are pure and a reflection of God. We serve them prasad and take their ashirwad. Later, everyone is served the prasad. Also, on the last day, all family members and lots of pandits commence big havan in devotion to Maa Shakti.”


Jasmin Bhasin: “On the fist day of Navratri we do the pooja of our Mataji. We prepare a special sweet called laapsi at home as an offering to Mataji. While doing the pooja of Mataji, we clean the temple as well and decorate the house with torans and make yummy sweets. Also, we make it a point to decorate the house in a different way than the last year. My mom strictly makes only veg food during this period. A proper pooja is done and girls are called home for lunch and puri and halwa are compulsorily made. As for myself, I fast on the last day of Navratri.”


Sumit Kaul: “I am from Kashmir but I have been born and brought up here in Mumbai. Earlier, I used to be a vegetarian on during the Navratras. But since the last 6 years, I’ve turned vegetarian so nothing different for me on those days. Still, I will be doing a havan on the 8th day with my mom. We do it for peace and purification. During this period we don’t eat onion and garlic.”


Mrunal Jain: “I have Gujarati friends and am a Marwari. We do Pooja at home. My mom makes Lapsi. I love to play Dandiya. The festive spirit gives me very positive vibes. I celebrate it every year like a gujrati.”


Daljeet Kaur: “I have been celebrating Navratri by traveling to different places. In my society, we have a small function every day and its fun to see everyone colorfully dressed. I fast on the first and the ninth day of Navratri. I don’t know about playing Garba, as my professional life is hectic and I have to manage my little kid too! But for me, Navratri a festival which gives a lot of positive vibes. The weather is pleasant, and it’s a happy feeling to see happy people all around.”

I hope everyone had an amazing Navratri this year with all their family and friends.

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