Posted on October 8, 2016 at 3:58 am

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Mysore Fashion Week 2016 Closes with a new charismatic appeal!

Mysore Fashion Week – Season 3 gets Bigger, Better, Bolder this season. The three – day fashion extravaganza takes off in the serene ambiance of Radisson Blue Plaza, Mysore. The Finale of Mysore Fashion Week gave way to some edgy, dynamic and vogue setting designers to showcase their remarkable collections sheathed by sizzling models, climaxing with stunning showstopper’s.

The evening witnessed a galaxy of attendees from various genres – socialites, upscale consumers, invited VIP, elite crowd entrepreneurs and more who will get tranquilized in the luxurious visualization of the collections.

Talking on the occasion Mrs Jayanthi Ballal, Director, Mysore Fashion Week expresses,

“It is indeed our pleasure to host the grand season 3 of Mysore Fashion Week. As a property, we have evolved over the years in terms of our offering to the crème de la creme of the city. The first 2 seasons of MFW was spent building up the presence and exposure to our audiences. In Season 3, we are stepping up to showcase the superlatives in creativity by celebrated designers of the industry with a mesmerizing experience to cherish which is bound to be one of the history creators for the fashion scene is Mysore.’’

Rajyalakshmi Gubba commenced the evening show. The designer specializes in banarsi silk sarees which are custom-made from the heritage city of Varnasi/Banaras, therefore the collection has a lot of bright colours, lord shiva inspired motifs, heritage jewelery, rudrakash concept in one look etc.

Stunning Elli Avram graced the runway as the showstopper for Rajyalakshmi wearing a banarsi saree.

Followed by Althea Krishna, whose collection “Brazaleta” is inspired by the poem “Bangle Sellers” by the Nightingale of India, Smt. Sarojini Naidu. Bangles bring joy in a women’s life that depicts her strength, love, compassion, purity, glory and freedom. In this collection we exemplify the vivid colors in a woman’s life.

Vijaylakshmi presented a magnificent glorified saree collection. Vijaylakshmi Silks enjoys multi generational & multi class customer loyalty.


Hari Priya graced the ramp for Vijaylakshmi Saree.

Re-Cut by Aliahmed Shaikh presented a gorgeous range of eco-conscious and body-friendly dresses. Made out of leftover studio fabric, this western fusion collection ensures that nothing goes to waste, and is designed to fit everybody fluidly, from a Size Six to a Size Fourteen. ‘No Alteration’ is a promise made by Shaikh.

Ken Ferns presented a mesmerizing western line at the pre-finale at Mysore Fashion Week.

Hyderabad based Shravan Kummar did the grand finale showcasing a range of hand painted sarees and modern silhouettes which will make a modern woman look modern, graceful, elegant and urban yet rooted to her traditional ethos.

Pranitha Subhash graced the finale show for Shravan Kummar.

Mysore Fashion Week – Final day rolled out the red carpet to famed designers and celebrities. The third season finale promised to drive home the brand’s enterprising magnificence, individual style and celebrated successful persona.

Mysore Fashion Week bringing out a truly sensational weekend of fashion festivity for Mysore’s fashion conscious-elite.

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