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Midnight Delight to delight audiences at multiple international festivals!

Rohit Gupta’s Midnight Delight has been delighting audiences at one film festival after another!  In addition to the film’s continued journey of gaining endless accolades and awards in the US, Australia, Hong Kong, Philippines, and beyond, the cast and crew has been invited to showcase at various international festivals. This October, the film is continuing its festival run beginning at the San Francisco New Concept International Film Festival (SFNCFF) in California to be held from Oct 7th-9th where it has been also nominated for the ‘Best Film’ award.

Known for its international platform for creative films, SFNCFF discovers and selects talents with new technique and skills, who demonstrate original concept and accelerate their development within the film industry.  Based on what has been said about Midnight Delight at other festivals, we are sure SFNCFF will be a great fit for the film.  For example, judges at the Hempapalooza International Film Festival at its Washington State premiere said, “The film is a pure cinematic aphrodisiac that brings a completely new and fresh take on cannabis-based movies and culture.”

Following its San Francisco screening, the film will be premiered at the Cabo Verde Int. Film Festival in its 7th year to be held in Santa Maria on Sal Island from Oct 12th-16th where it is also nominated for the “Best Feature Film” award. It will be showcased on Oct 13th at 20:45 (8:45 pm) local time followed by its next screening at the weirdest and bizarre Frack Fest Underground International Film Festival in Oklahoma, USA to be held from Oct 20th-23rd.

Intelligently tag-lined “Say Hi to High” and “Couch. Conversations. Clarity,” everyone who sees Midnight Delight from the jury, judges, and other audience members have only been praising the film.  The SFNCFF Jury shared the following about the film when announcing its 2016 line-up: “Excellent animation at the beginning. Really sets the comedic tone. Spend an hour and a half getting a vicarious high. From encounter to encounter like La Ronde. The film has realistic, well-drawn, authentic utterly convincing characters. This is the movie to watch when you’re high.

Gupta’s films – with Midnight Delight being his third directorial in a row (Life! Camera Action…, and Another Day Another Life being the previous two) – have jointly screened in over 75 international film festivals around the world winning various awards and accolades.  Regarding screening the film at festivals, Gupta shared,

“Film festivals are a vital link in the chain of global film culture. There are various ways movies gain exposure (acclaim, distribution, financial success, etc) — and film festivals surely are one of them which facilitate this to a large extent, besides it’s euphoric when a large group of like-minded people get together under the same roof to celebrate and appreciate creativity leading to expansion of minds.”

The 85-minute film, which released worldwide on July 21, 2016 via VOD on various platforms continues to receive extremely favorable response with 87% audience score currently on rotten tomatoes, the famous film review aggregator site. The film features nine vignettes of curious visitors in a smoking lounge who reflect on daily existence, societal curiosities and demystify the status quo conversing about various topics from “why do we talk” to “what do models eat”, “if water makes us fat”, to “if dolphins could be the reason for the inception of the entire universe or its destruction” among others.

It features award-winning actors Alexandra Hellquist (Sole Proprietor), Michael Laguerre, Shaheed Woods (Life! Camera Action…), John Crann (The Perfect Murder, Life! Camera Action… ), Maggie Alexander among others.

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