Posted on October 20, 2016 at 1:25 pm


Mahika Sharma urges individuals to shift focus from banning Pakistani artists to something more intense!

Miss Teen awardee and model Mahika Sharma, who is nationally known for her social activism, recently voiced her opinion on the dire need to focus on gender inequality or rehabilitation of sex workers over the issue of the recent banning of Pakistani artists in India.


In a recent statement Mahika said,

“There are fare more grave issues to be focused on. As for Pakistan, it does not have have much to give their citizens hence their citizens need to take their talent to other countries. Even within that nation many people are like us who don’t want to walk in the path of terror. So we should actually help them. India is always known for its heart. We even accepted the approach of East India Company and in return they have benifited us with railways and offcourse with other development but the time they tried to ruled us, we has a unified country pushed them away. So even today if someone want to work for us, we need to really allow them. I personally feel their should be no any such ban.”

So as pure brave soldiers do, it’s time to identify and get rid of the disease and not the patients!