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Kanwaljit Singh back with Manish Goswami show Dil Deke Dekho!

The well-recognized Kanwaljit Singh began his meritorious career around 54 years ago, and has had a
laudable and experiential tenure. With the past years witnessing a noteworthy list of television series as well as commendable Bollywood movie, you would have seen his zeal and enthusiasm in recent hits ‘Rustom’ and ‘Happy Bhag Jaayegi’. All excited to be doing his all new romance-themed sitcom soap opera ‘Dil Deke Dekho‘ produced by Manish R. Goswami on SAB TV. Kanwaljit Singh has done Daraar, Abhimaan, Mr. Mintu,Kaha Se Kaha Tak, Aisa Desh Hai Mera which were all produced by A list producer Manish R. Goswami. The actor talks about how his role will get him to give love a second chance.

kanwaljit-singh-biographyYour role as Dadaji Hridayanath Shastri will bring on an interesting personality. Tell us more?

As a grandfather, I will be playing a happy-go-lucky man, and not the one who sits in a corner with a ‘dhoti’ and a sanskaari attitude. The character operates in a very nice and happy zone, and in sharp contrast to his son, who is very concise. He hides things from his son. For instance, he tells the family that he is going on a ‘teerth’ (pilgrimage) yatra (journey), but he actually wants to go to Goa. He is a widower, who falls in love with his neighbour. He doesn’t stop living. I tell you, I have an uncle in real life who is aged 90. When
I spoke to him once and asked him what’s happening, he said, ‘Well, I have taken a ten-year visa to the US and Europe.’ Look at the kind of positivity. He wants to live on beyond 100. This is real inspiration.

How did you decide to take up the role?

So, I have done a lot of roles, all kinds of them. I have played many roles that portray the traumatic side of life apart from the few comedy ones. I thought the show would be a good break from all the serious stuff, it being a light-hearted comedy.

Would ‘Dil Deke Dekho’ be treating the audience to a specific message?

Well, the show will be steered towards entertainment. We can’t tell people how to live their life, but it sure is going to be fun watching, since it is a light-hearted comedy. All the characters are very lovable, and there is bonhomie that will have an impact, and a lot of fun attached to it. No negativity involved.

What genre are you most comfortable with?

I am comfortable with any kind of genre. I just need a good script. The script, the writing is the USP. If the writing isn’t good, the performance is bound to fall on its face. Things shouldn’t be stretched; it should be crisp. ‘Family No.1’, that had the same writer, was very good. So, this was another incentive to take on the show.

Does the nature of this Grandpa, who is really cool and young at heart, resemble your real life nature?

See, we have to find the character within ourselves. It’s not according to the script that a character with similar traits is looked for. What an actor generally does is, find similar things of the character and he kind of focuses on that.

How would the show be significant to the present day?

It has a nice story. It has good characters. It will be pleasant to watch and the romance among three generations will be the cherry on the cake, all adding to its USP. What one will see is how to live life to the fullest!

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