Posted on October 14, 2016 at 7:58 pm

Fashion Featured

India's First Ever Style Flash Mob Fashion Show!

Delhi crowd was going about their regular business–rushing in and out of taxis, and all of a sudden, a huge crowd of Models and Children swarmed around in front of public park. The fabulously dressed models began strutting up and down the runway. Designers, NGO ASFI acid attack survivors, Shrishti NGO kids participated in the flash mob and salute the Indian Army for their bravery. Set against the backdrop of Delhi City’s most iconic landmarks Connaught Place, models hit the runway delighting captivated onlookers.

The Fashion Flash mob has been hosted to honour and salute The Indian Army for their bravery and to Celebrate French European Indian Fashion Week that is going to happen at Eiffel Tower which is the 7th Wonder of the World at Paris.

President French European Indian Fashion Week Mr. Satish Reddy, said,

“I want to salute to our Armed Forces, who selflessly risk their lives to protect our beloved country and our families. Our Indian Army is our brave and real heroes.”

Show Director Ms. Liza Varma said,

“I am very happy that people from all over India saluting the hardships of our soldiers and to show them that their efforts are being appreciated by a grateful nation.”

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