Posted on October 21, 2016 at 1:20 am

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Honesty is most important in friendship -Shivin Narang!

The young and very handsome Shivin Narang is one organized guy who is living life on his own terms. He minds his own business, spends some quality time with friends who matter and lives life king size. He is an honest person who lives life on his own terms and now a days enjoying his habit of reading. He has cultivated the habit of reading and reads whenever he gets time.



His one of the favorite author is Paulo Coelho. He feels life is a teacher and honesty is most important in a relationship or friendship. He says,

“Life is an Ice-cream and know one should eat it before it melts. Honesty is a must in a relationship else the relationship has no significance or meaning. Friendship is very important in life. It’s better to have few close friends in your inner circle with whom you can share anything under the sun. It’s the vibes and energy that counts. Energy is infectious and creates magnetism.”

Well Shivin you surely reflect that you have a quality called clarity of thought!

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