Posted on October 31, 2016 at 1:49 am

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#DiwaliPlans: Popular TV folks share their Diwali plans!

People are playing cards, celebrating with family, saying prayers and so much more! But actors who work all day long to make entertainment going also need a break to celebrate the most beautiful holiday in India! Diwali and New Years! Here is what some of the actors told us what they are going to do on Diwali!

Ravi Dubey – My favorite festival of the year is here and I am excited to celebrate it with my family. I would be celebrating Diwali in Chandigarh. Me and Sargun believe that spreading of happiness is the ultimate aim of Diwali. It feels good to dress up traditionally and binge on variety of delicacies forgetting the diet for a day. Diwali means lot of mithais including mishri mawa rasgullas and besan ki chakki.



Laksh – This year Diwali is very special because my new show Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil is coming on air. I am hoping that people will like my new avatar and I wish all my fans a very positive Diwali as being a pet owner I believe in noiseless Diwali. I am in Mumbai shooting non-stop so it’s a working Diwali for me. It will be a quiet Diwali this year due to personal reasons.


Saurabh Pandey : Their is no better way then celebrating Diwali with your loved ones, with your family. So this Diwali I will be celebrating it with my family in Delhi and definitely as I said before I will celebrating by setting the rows of lighted lamps. Be traditional be original. It’s a traditional Diwali for me.



Himmanshoo Malhotra Diwali of Delhi is awesome. I would celebrate it in Delhi. I love the lighting and deeyas and lot of Delhi mithais. I would pamper myself and will party with friends. I would eat Chhola Bhatura, Kaaju Katli and besan ke ladoo. Above all I will do pooja at home with mom.

Himanshoo Malhotra

Sumit Kaul – I have always seen Diwali as festivals of lights and nothing else. But recently I like to see Diwali to generate light within yourself. Because it is only in light that you’ll be able to see the truth. As a child I have played with crackers but personally I feel all crackers creating sound should be discontinued from the market. This Diwali will be having a Puja at my mom’s place which will be followed by a lovely dinner. I might light a few crackers with my daughter, preferably the ones that don’t make any sound. Lighting traditional diyas at home is the best way of spreading light at home in Diwali.

Sumit Kaul, Vahbiz Dorabjee


Priyal Gor – The most positive festival of the year is around and the best part I am getting an off from my shoot. Diwali means Pooja at home, guests coming over and we also stepping out to relatives place are the most common rituals. No one burns crackers at home as there are no kids now.


Krrip Kapurr Suri – This Diwali it will be Diwali at Delhi with family. My mother and younger brother stays there so we are visiting them and I am hoping to have our peaceful, noise free Diwali with them. To me the love and affection of the family is the best thing, we all will miss our dad. #DiwaliPlans: Popular TV folks share their Diwali plans! at home and some nice cozy warm interaction with the family I am hoping.


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