Posted on October 31, 2016 at 2:17 am

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#DiwaliFun: Divyanka Tripathi gets nostalgic on her first Diwali post marriage!

The star of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Divyanka Tripathi got nostalgic and remembered her family on her first Diwali after she got married to Vivek Dahiya in July this year. She recalled her childhood days in Bhopal and shared how she would celebrate the festival with her family. Divyanka says,

“In Bhopal, every year we used to get together at our grandparents’ house to celebrate Diwali. Our Baauji, Rtd DSP Purnanand Tripathi (my dadaji) who was also locally known as ‘pandit ji’ used to pray for hours and around 30 of us, kids and elders, would stand in a queue to take prasad and money from him. After that it was complete masti, as we would have dinner around the pool and burst fireworks which were the main attraction for us kids. This would go on until 5 in the morning!” About her dadaji, who passed away recently, she says, “Last Diwali he told me to increase the number of family members and I’m married today. While Bauji isn’t here with us today, he has left us with fond memories for a life time.”

In Mumbai this year, Divyanka has some solid plans for Diwali. She reveals,

“Diwali is a day when families get together and there’s no celebration better than being with your loved ones. We have started cleaning our house already. I am on a shopping spree currently, but I’m only buying things that are made in India.” In fact, Divyanka urges her fans to do the same, “I want to tell my fans that it’s time we stop complaining about the status of our nation. We will make progress only when we start valuing and respecting our own potential. So let’s be Indian and buy Indian!”


We hope her fans are listening and support the talented actress in making our nation proud again.

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