Posted on October 31, 2016 at 1:14 am

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#Diwali: This Diwali I have a new family of Amma with me: Farhn P Zamma

Young producer Farhn P Zamma who is the maker of the hit popular show Amma shares his Diwali memories and plans with the readers.




“During Diwali my half day will be going in some project which currently I am working and then in the evening I will be going to a friend’s place where we will play cards and will burn crackers. My most memorable Diwali has been always from my childhood when we used to burn rockets from a soda bottle and used to burn noisy crackers at the terrace and people used to shout at us. “This Diwali it’s a mixed feeling of sadness and happiness as my debut show Amma is doing well and we are winding up soon. I have a new family of Amma now. The show gave me so much to cherish for, from Hydrabad to Mumbai the memories and also the love and affection between the actors of my show. They have never given me trouble and always helped me in the final execution, being the producer of Amma that gives me immense pleasure.”

Farhn also adds,

“Happiness for me is self satisfaction and guilt free mind. I am happy the way my debut show has got the acceptance and also I have never hurt anyone and this factor really does matter for my happiness.”

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