Posted on October 18, 2016 at 2:03 am

Bollywood Featured

Deepraj Rana gets farewell on the sets of Amma!

Farhn P. Zama and Asif Shaikh’s Ek Maa Jo Bani Lakho Ke liye Amma on Zee TV is one show where all actors live like family members. Recently Deepraj Rana’s track came to a n end and he was given farewell with a cake cutting. Veteran star Shabana Azmi, Nawab Shah, Asmit Patel, Sunil Soni, Firdaus and Farhn P. Zamma were present.
Deepraj is one well known artist who is famous for his performance in all the tv shows and films he does. Amma set has set an example of being one of the most peaceful set where actors live like family members. The love among the cast is vibrantly visible. Haven’t we heard before that picture speaks thousand words!
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