Posted on October 9, 2016 at 3:29 pm

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#DatingWithSunnyLeone: Sunny Leone talks confidence on 'Kinda Dating'

Ever wondered what sort of Dating Tips our actresses can give us? Well one actress has been through it all and she is here to tell us all about it! We can’t wait for the release of this podcast on Kinda Dating! The stunning Sunny Leone reveals the importance of confidence in relationships, how she tackles her own insecurities, oh and what turns her on! If you ever needed a reason to work on that confidence, you might have one! Bollywood superstar, and former adult entertainer, Sunny Leone made an appearance on a new comedy/dating podcast, Kinda Dating (hosted by Natasha Chandel and presented by Meltdown Comics) to share tips and stories about the topic, revealing it’s a quality that turns her on.


“I think it’s all about owning it, and I think it’s all about being who you are and being true to what you’ve done or decisions you’ve made. If I’ve made a decision to do x, y, z then I need to stand by it because that was my decision to begin with,”

Sunny said to host Natasha Chandel. In the fun-filled and candid interview, Sunny opens up about her prior dating experiences, tips on how guys and girls can gain confidence and, although she’s happily married, she shares what she looks for in a guy. She even has a message for her high school prom date!But it hasn’t all been a bed of roses for Sunny. She reveals she was part of the “nerd club” and how she recovered from a badgering interview with a brash reporter earlier in the year.

Tune in to Kinda Dating on October 17th for this rare glimpse into the real Sunny Leone. The podcast was featured in the coveted iTunes New & Noteworthy and peaked at #5 on the iTunes health charts.

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