Posted on August 4, 2016 at 2:25 am

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Mrunal Jain's pink city experience!

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Popular actor Mrunal Jain who is currently being seen in double avtaar in Beyond Dreams popular show Nagarjuna recently visited the pink city Jaipur and the actor had a gala time over some delicious food.

Mrunal states,

” I had gone to Jaipur for the first time and it was like work and pleasure because I got to explore couple of markets over there. I got to interact with so many people and also enjoyed shopping there.”



Mrunal visited the famous Hawa Mahal and Janta Market. Mrunal has also been to a famous eatery joint called Viraasat there, sharing his experience in the same he adds,

“It was a first time experience. I had Rajasthani food in Mumbai and gone out for a Thali also. But the whole tradition of Virasaat is different, they bring you in and they tie a turban, then they do the Tilak and then they make you sit on a Raj Gaddi and they wash your legs, then they arrange the Rajasthani food in a silver thali, the ladies they dance with the pots on their head, a guy plays a simple music with an instrument.”

Apart from the famous thali Mrunal also had Chana Chat Garam and the famous Masala Soda. Mrunal who is a proud Marwari Jain from Rajasthan shares his feelings,

“It feels good being a Jain and being a Marwari and I am in this industry where maintaining your physique is must. I maintain my religion and I follow my tradition of not having onion, garlic at all. People always asks me how I am managing that, it’s a proud feeling.”



On being asked about producer Yash Patnaik he says,

“I am happy to be working for Yash Patnaik’s production house. He is an A list producer with so many shows on air. The feedback for Naagrjuna- Ek Yoddha is good and people are appreciating my character”.

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