Posted on August 22, 2016 at 10:01 pm

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Krishna Arjun in Naagarjuna-Ek Yoddha!

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Producer Yash Patnaik’s Naagarjuna Ek Yoddha is gearing up for special track Mahabharat Ka Raaj where in a fresh set of cameos are coming up. In the storyline Arjun has lot of questions looking back at the history where humans and snakes conflict happened.  Vishal Karwal  would be seen in the role of Krishna. He was seen as Krishna in Dwaarkadheesh. He says,

I feel blessed to play Krishna again. I played negative lead in Jamai Raja last. The storyline is very gripping!

Rahul Sharma would be seen as Arjun. He says,

The makers are putting the story of Arjun very differently his connection with the naglok, his wives and son. The story is from Mahabharat but very different aspect. I am bulking up for the show.  It is mytho kind so I have to work on my language too.

Yash Patnaik’s Naagarjun-Ek Yoddha is one of the most talked about show and audiences are loving it. We must say A-list producer Yash Patnaik has made a fantastic project.

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