Posted on August 15, 2016 at 3:56 am

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Independence Day special: Stars share which freedom fighter they would love to enact!

Popular television actors share with us which freedom fighter they would love to play if given the chance.

Mreenal Deshraj

Mreenal Deshraj: Rani Laxmibai as I believe I’m a fighter and rebel like her. Who went against the society that we are not a weak gender who is only limited to be a housewife or a mother or a sister. We are strong individuals I guess better than male as we are emotionally stronger than them. As I feel half the battle is won when you are emotionally strong. If we can make a family we can build an empire. We have the potential. Rani Laxmibai represented a strong Indian woman who was a mother daughter and a warrior. If we not equal to men we are not less than them. It’s just that we women don’t know our capability, and if we know we don’t use or explore it.

Vivian in white
Vivian DsenaBhagat Singh. I like Bhagat Singh since childhood.  Everybody use to be dressed in white uniform and holding the tricolor. It’s totally worth a sight. I’ve studied in Bhonsala Military School, we use to have wear our khaki uniforms and have a march past on the sounds of the Band during the parade is something that gives you an Adrenaline rush and fills you up with patriotism.

Aniruddh Dave-6

Aniruddh Dave
: We have always heard about Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose and all his stories how he was so clever and intelligent and was known for his art of disguise and always ran out of the situations. His stories always gave me a different kind of feeling of how would it had been to be him. The school time memory will always be the proud moment of being a part of the flag hoisting ceremony singing our national anthem and saluting the national tricolor with pride and having that feeling of goosebump whenever the anthem reached that ‘Jaya he – Jaya he’ in loud.

Arjun solo pic


Arjun Bijlani : Chandra Shekhar Azad was one rebel who never backed down in our freedom struggle. I would want to be him and would love to portray his character and have that proud feeling of being like him. My favorite school memories of this auspicious day was when we use to dress up like our freedom fighters and had to give a speech and I even won a prize in my 6th grade.

Jay Soni

Jay Soni : I wonder how would I look if I portray the father of our nation, it would be a big challenge and an opportunity to be Mahatma Gandhi. But yes I would like to play his role because I walk on his path of nonviolence, being soft spoken and respecting everyone be it elder or younger. I remember the days when we actually use to wake up early in the morning and the flag hoisting was done in the early morning rather than today’s time when we hardly care to even get up and at least address it on our television sets.

Rashami Desai in red

Rashami Desai : Sarojini Naidu was a woman of substance. She was elegant yet fought for the right. She supported Gandhi ji in Salt Satyagrah. Her life story was interesting. It would be challenging to play her role. It would be intriguing to play a lady of her era.

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