Posted on August 3, 2016 at 12:34 am

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I am too boring a person to be on social media-Vivian Dsena!

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Vivian Dsena is clear about what he wants from life. He has been part of the entertainment industry for over six years, and feels he has grown as an actor and as a person in this time. Here, he talks about doing films in the future, dealing with competition, and why he isn’t active on social media.

Vivian in white

Does competition with your contemporaries bother you?

I like to compete with myself.I don’t consider myself competition for anyone. Everyone is doing a good job; that’s why they are where they are. I don’t get insecure. If others are doing well, it’s because of their destiny and hard work. Feeling jealous doesn’t make me a bigger star. All it gives me is resentment, and I don’t have time for that. I’d rather focus on my work.

How important is it for actors to be active on social media?

I have been told by my fans, family and friends to be more active on social media. But I am not. It’s not about sharing personal details; I just don’t think this social media trend is attractive. I am not that guy. I am too boring a person to be on social media. I hardly go out. The last time I had dinner at a restaurant was three months ago. It is tough for me; I often wonder what to write. I don’t think so much while acting, but I have to really think before I post something on social media.

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