Posted on August 21, 2016 at 3:19 pm


From your school textbooks to the big screen in 3D, get ready for Robinson Crusoe!

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We’ve read probably one of the greatest travel experiences of the legendary Robinson Crusoe at some point in time for sure – either as travelogue novels or in our school books. Sadly, that’s pretty much been the start and end of our tryst with the travel hero in India. But now, audiences can gear up to refresh their memories and others can get introduced to the tales of the man himself via an animated film showcasing the life of this legendary traveler releasing on September 9th PAN India by PVR Pictures. 

Directed by Vincent Kesteloot and Ben Stassen, the story revolves around the traveler who gets stranded on an exotic tiny island after a violent storm. An island, which is inhabited by Tuesday, an outgoing parrot, along with his quirky animal friends who’re experiencing their first interaction with man. It’s about how friendship between man and animals is formed and how they strike a chord and live in harmony. But of course, like every epic tale, this too has bad guys! How Crusoe and his animal friends fight against them and discover the true power of friendship against all odds is what this story spans.

The tales of Robinson Crusoe have been around since the 17th century and since then, many novels have been written on his adventures. They’ve served as the basis of cast away genre in literature, Hollywood as well as Bollywood. Iconic films and television shows like Cast Away, Six Days Seven Nights, and The Lost find their roots in this genre inspired by our very own Robinson Crusoe. While we have been exposed to others in the cast away genre like Sindabad the Sailor or Gulliver’s Travels, this will be the first time that a full fledged animated 3D film will be dedicated to the man who pioneered the genre –  Robinson Crusoe.

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