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Actors talk Independence Day!

TV actors talk about how as a responsible citizen they would contribute in the progress of your nation on the eve of Independence Day!

Dhruv Singh
Change will only happen when we all do our bit as a responsible citizen. I feel we all have the habit of blaming the government for everything but the government can do nothing without our support. Everyone can do the simplest of things like obey traffic rules, not throwing garbage outside the window or on the streets, not paying bribes and encouraging corruption. These are the smaller things that can be done by everybody and we have no excuse for saying we can’t do it. Whether you are rich or poor, educated or uneducated, you can do these simple things.

Dhruv Singh new

Amal  Sehrawat

I would encourage to spread awareness about paying government taxes on time through social media. Social media is huge now and with that we can do a lot of awareness programs, let’s talk about it and  make us aware of the do’s and don’ts.

Amal Shehrawat in black

Ssharad Malhotraa

The best way you can help your country is by paying taxes to our government. There are lots of citizen who don’t pay taxes and also encourage circulation of black money by paying in cash for real estate, gold, hotel stay etc. Please stand to strengthen our country. Our leaders must have sufficient funds to take country forward.

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Mrunal Jain

Considering the power of technology and various social media platforms, I would try to encourage current generation to give up the old prejudices about every caste and communities. We live in a globalized world, where one’s achievements should be his identification rather than century old cast system. This whole system is dividing us. Virtual world and social media provide excellent door to glance at the outside world.

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Asmita Sood

 As a citizen of this country, I have tried to do my best in my capacity. Right from Paying taxes to not doing anything wrong that would have created a bad impression of India. In return, I hope and pray that we get better infrastructure.

Asmita Sood

Himmanshoo malhotra 

As a responsible citizen we all are required to obey the rules & regulations not because we will get punished if we don’t do that but because by doing that we ourselves set an example for our and next generation to follow. Always lead by your own example! It’s actually very strange that we have very few shows on TV regarding our independence. We should have more patriotic shows as it will teach and inspire all of us including artists and viewers to relive what our freedom fighters have done for us.

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Jasmin Bhasin

 I would not break signals and won’t let others do it too. I am particular about garbage throwing too. Dry and wet garbage should be thrown separately. I believe in clean India.

Jasmin Bhasin (5)

Aniruddh Dave :

I think everyone should follow one thumb rule in India that is, if I behaved disciplined, the country would be disciplined. Everyday I see so many people throwing garbage and spitting here and there.They not only harm the environment but also ruin our image. Mr Modi alone can’t make India clean by his Swachha Bharat Abhiyan. Sanitation has become the biggest problem of our country. So I would request people to keep our India clean and neat. As charity begins at home, awareness should also be started from each of us. I keep reminding people not to throw stuff outside dustbin and they reply by suggesting it is the job of sweepers. I say, as keeping home clean is every family members’ job, same way keeping homeland clean is every citizen’s job.

Aniruddh Dave-6

Shivin Narang :

As a responsible citizen, I follow laws, obey traffic rules, pay taxes on time and initiate any social movement like Swaccha Baharat Abhiyan. It’s good for you as well as the government. One can also contribute to various NGOs and help others on personal level. Basically, as a responsible citizen of India, our job is to follow the law and order.

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Rashami Desai
I always follow traffic rules and ensure that others also follow and also I raise my voice when I see anyone ill-treating anyone be it on the road or in a mall. Jhansi Ki Rani is my favorite idol. She was really amazing in pursuit of what she wanted. She was a real warrior in every possible way.
Rashami Desai in red
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