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Saurabh Pandey plays 11 characters in 3 days! Whoa!

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Siddharth Kumar Tewary’s hit show Suryaputra Karn on Sony recently was in news when the audience saw famous Kurukheshtra war sequence. Actor Saurabh Pandey who plays the Lord Krishna in the show got to play 11 characters in three days – a rare happening in a television show.

SP as Suryaputra Karna

After the Kurukheshtra war when Krishna accepts Gandhari’s curse, Gandhari, Dhritrashtra and Pandavas were not happy with all the losses and the brothers they killed, then to show her and everyone the truth of Mahabharata, Krishna takes Gandhari,her husband Dhritrashtra and all five Pandavas to the war field of Kurukshetra and with divine vision show’s everyone that who ever died was Krishna, he only kill and die always. Saurabhsays,

“In this vision all of them get to see Krishna int all the forms, there were many people involved in the war. I shot as eleven other characters of Mahabharata in which Krishna himself is seen as Dhuryodhan, Suryaputra Karna, Arjun, Bheem, Abhimanyu, Bheesma Pitama, Yudishtir, Dronachary

, Dhristdiyum, Hastinapur Soilders and Pandav Soilders. It took us three days of non-stop 13-hour days to complete it. Getting into the skin of each character is one thing but in these sequences I also had to perform like them.”

Some of the sequences Saurabh found tough included the one where Suryaputra Karna had to do the scene of taking off the Kavacha (Armour) coming off his skin) it was a high intensity scene, Abhimanyu getting killed was another high intensity performance. He also adds,

“Best part is I got to play everyone and feel every character, it was such an amazing experience that I loved every single moment of it. Where else would you get such an opportunity to play 11 characters in three days shoot? I also realized that how much trouble and patience each person has to undergo with those pasted wigs, beards, armour etc on their body.But I loved each moment of it because this is what I love to do, this is what I am here for, I love every bit of acting.”

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