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Jobs For Travel Lovers In Tadoba Tiger Resort!

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Do you want to quit your job and travel throughout the world? Wait! There are many jobs where you can travel as well as maintain your job. You can place yourself on a career path where you can travel a lot. Let us discuss some of the popular jobs that require travel.


Event Coordinators: Local events like wedding and reception parties are generally organized by the event coordinators. Events like trade shows, festivals and other large scale events can bring great opportunities for the travel lovers. You can meet several potential vendors throughout the country and can travel in the locations of the events.


Foreign Service: If you can become a Foreign Service officer, you can definitely combine your job and travel easily. You can be a diplomat of the foreign country and can interact with foreign governments. As there are currently more than 250 embassies in the whole world, you surely have great opportunities to travel.

Consultant: Many companies hire consultants for their skills in specific subjects. Now, the client base of the company can be spread across the country and sometimes even throughout the world. To maintain the positive relationship with the clients, regular visits are required. So this job can also be perfect who loves frequent travelling.

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Destination Wedding Photographer: Nowadays, many couples are hosting the destination wedding. So , the photographers may have to travel to various destinations for doing their work. If you are a bit passionate about photography, just try investing in a high quality camera and start your wedding photography business on your own. You can surely be on the most beautiful beach or in the sunny island to capture the special moments of the wedding couple. Some adventurous couple may also choose wildlife as their wedding theme. To know more, just visit

Field Service Engineer: The service engineers are required when any customer face any problems with the repair or installation of a product. The company may possess customers throughout the world and thus you will obtain a chance to travel in some interesting places in your career.

International Aid: You can change the lives of different people while working with the organizations of international aid. You can visit the countries which require relief funds due to the famine or flood. You must be interested in social work and possess a background in fields like education, agriculture or health to seek for a job in this sector.

Rail Road Worker: Though it may seem an outdated job, but the railway industry is still alive with huge profits. These kinds of jobs may require a lot of travel as they are based throughout the country. You can visit the official website of the railroads to search for the job openings.

Tour Guide: You can spend your days with travel lovers guiding them through different interesting tourist spots. The popular travel destinations are always in a need of knowledgeable and friendly tour guides.

Traveling Nurse: If you love traveling, nursing can also be one of the interesting jobs that you can opt for. Traveling nurses can move throughout the country , bouncing from one hospital to the other. All your travel expenses, housing and other benefits are generally covered if you are a registered nurse.

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Travel Writer: When you are passionate about writing and traveling, you can think of a living by writing about the travel destinations. You can obtain your work through freelancing or by publishing your own travel stories.

All the above mentioned jobs are really interesting if you love travelling. You can also be a travel agent, sales representative, flight attendant or cruise line worker if you want to travel while working.

Author Bio: David Stephenson is a travel blogger who loves travelling to various countries of the world. In this article, he is suggesting some of the popular jobs which are perfect for the travel lovers. For more information, visit

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