Posted on June 13, 2016 at 7:53 am

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Sanjay R. Gagnani explores his dessert wanderlust for Ek Rishta Sajedari Ka!

The new kid on the block, Sanjay R. Gagnani is set to make an entry with Ek Rishta Sajedari Ka. The actor who has been a part of episodics as well as shows such as Bairi Piya, Hamari Devrani and Dilli Wali Thakur Girls shows up until now has created a professional image with his first show as parallel lead. Recently the team was shooting in Jaisalmer, where he along with the rest of the star cast had oodles of fun despite the heat.

Sanjay confirms,

“I always wanted to work in a show which had a backdrop of Rajasthan. I am in love with the state and its culture. While shooting in Jaisalmer, the heat was unbearable and we didn’t see a single tourist wherever we went.It was a different experience. I am playing a corporate guy called Vaibhav Mittal. I cant reveal more about my character.”

Talking about his camel ride, he says,

“The camel ride was thrilling. We also witnessed a sandstorm while shooting in the dunes. I’m from Gujarat, which is similar to Rajasthan in some respects, so I felt like I was home the whole time. Also, the food here is amazing ­ be it at the roadside dhaba or a five star hotel.“

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