Posted on June 9, 2016 at 11:03 pm

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Sandeep Anand is a cricket buff!

Sandeep Anand, better known as Sajan Agarwal in May I Come In Madam, plays cricket whenever he gets free time. Regarding his passion for cricket, he shares,

“I am very fond of cricket and football, but more than watching it on screen I enjoy playing it. I play cricket whenever I get time in between the shots. And I always carry a bat and ball in my car.”

Elaborating on why he is so crazy about the game, he comments,

“I wanted to play cricket on a big level, but I realized soon that I was no Sachin (Tendulkar). I am doing what I am good at now. When I start to play on the set, everyone joins me – from spot to director. So, the game creates a good atmosphere.”

Continuing to gush about his favorite game, Sandeep says,

“Cricket connects everybody in the country. As I said earlier, it creates a friendly atmosphere on the set and motivates the entire unit as they feel that they are a part of the team.”

The actor has his favorites besides Sachin, adding,

“Sachin is above any list. MS Dhoni is my favorite – he exhibits an amazing quality of the leadership. And now Virat Kohli is also performing great.”

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