Posted on June 8, 2016 at 7:35 am

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Ravi Dubey's 'track' to the red carpet!

The apple of everyone Ravi Dubey Was seen doing something not so out of the ordinary. Despite having a car everyone’s Jamai Raja recently boarded the local train on his way to awards rehearsal from Naigaon.

When asked he says,

“Awards rehearsal was at Andheri when I started from my set there was a huge traffic on the road. So I took an instant and impromptu decision of taking the local train, the lifeline of the city. It was indeed much faster and saved lot of my time, but apart from that what I got is the emotional content from the people whom I met in my journey. We chatted and exchanged views. They told me about their life, I told them about mine. At the end of the journey I was feeling so content and happy. Now I know why the local trains of Mumbai are known as the lifeline of this city. You get to see so many things and can meet and greet so many people who are traveling every day on the same time.”

This is what you call staying grounded!The man truly has no shame in his suave game!

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