Posted on June 11, 2016 at 1:59 am

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Olivia brings a powerful EP 'Weightless'

A soothing sound of this stunning artist reminded me of my high school days. Her brand new EP makes you want to go for a long drive in the country and just turn the sound up! Singer, Olivia, brings positivity and powerful pop music magic to every moment of her debut EP, ”Weightless”.

Captivating audiences since the age of 12, Olivia has already accomplished more than artists twice her age. As one of the top 12 finalists in the “Our Kids Have Talent” competition, she began building a fanbase that loved her distinct vocals and bubbly pop aesthetic early on.

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Her Christmas single, “Christmas For Two” made it into the Top 20 on Canadian radio two years running, garnering her attention from heavyweight writers and producers in America. In 2013, she ventured out to Los Angeles and began working with songwriters Andrew Allen and Josh Cumbee (Madonna, Nick Howard) and producer Brian West (Nelly Furtado, Maroon 5), developing a sound that matches her sugary sweet vocals and charismatic personality. “Weightless” is a quintessential pop album, designed to inspire, empower and uplift listeners from first track to final note.

Title track, “Weightless,” is a light and airy track with a melody that floats effortlessly atop a synth beat. It’s a motivational anthem about allowing yourself the freedom to let go of what holds you back and be weightless in the world. Olivia infuses her sunny personality into every turn of the lyric as she croons,

“I’m gonna start over with nothing on my shoulders, brave enough to stop carrying the past, until all that’s left is weightless.”

Breakout single, “Ferris Wheel” is a standout, summer ready track, the true essence of everything that Olivia brings to the table. Fun, excitement and positivity. Right down to the pulsing beat, Olivia’s bubbly vocals shimmer alongside the flowery synths and breathy harmonies, building a melodically layered sound that listeners get lost in.

“Outshine The Stars” is a powerful track with a resounding message of faith and hope. It pulsates with a windswept chorus and uplifting message of self-empowerment. A sparkling mix of palpable emotion and youthful innocence, Olivia’s whimsical vocal styling adds a pop of personality that give breath to the stadium beats and feel-good message.

The blissed-out “Skylights,” with it’s club-style rhythm and memorable chorus, is a fun track that shows a different side of the pop starlet. It’s flirty and refreshing while remaining cemented in the world of positive vibes that Olivia builds around her music. She returns with another Summer inspired moment on “Freckles and Sunshine,” a track that booms with the power of young love. It’s innocent and sweet, the perfect track for the tween falling in love for the first time, yet finds a unique sound with elements of a stirring tropical-house breeze.

The EP comes to an emotional end with the ballad, “Without You.” Olivia proves she can do heartbreak just as well as she can do hope, with soft, whispering vocals that promise,

“I’ll carry you, always with me. I’ll carry you, always in my heart.”

The message of loss, even in it’s most shattering moments, still carries with it a twinkle of hope. We fell in love with the entire EP and you will too! Be sure to go get it off iTunes Legally! What are you waiting for!


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