Posted on June 11, 2016 at 6:23 pm

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#FashionFile: Shehla Khan: Spring is in the Midst!

This collection is sensual, sophisticated and designed to give savvy women a new authentic poise. It makes on the whole, an understated statement of elegance and exudes rich fabrics in classic color palettes, embellished with exquisite trims and design details in every piece. Each garment is a representation of an exquisite dream just like a piece of art, my sky full of stars.


The collection revolves around short dresses, jump suits, jackets and evening gowns. Every design has a surprise in itself and are made from unique fabrics. Lace, intricate embroidery on tulle and organza, digital printing, appliqué work are the highlights of the collection.

Clouds, stars, rainbows are elements of the sky from day to night. The sky in my vision shows all of its elements at once! Dreams represent an expression of who I am as an entrepreneur in fashion. I Love dreaming, I love dreaming of beauty and beauty lies in imperfections.


The beauty of fading clouds, seeing the rainbow with stars or clouds and stars all at once just to enhance the sky even more is a fitting way to portray this dreamy sky. Somewhere in this sky could be roses even! It’s a symbol of love and feminity.

The major USP of the collection is the intricate embroidery, digital printing and other special techniques; with the help of the genius of Indian craftsmanship and using the finest textiles.With sensuous gowns to short dresses the collection is a perfect amalgamation of richness and modernity.Timeless short dresses and floor length gowns are created in luxurious fabrics like satin organza tulle and crepe, each of them treated and draped differently.

The range displays a spectrum of colors to choose from and varying styles.

The collection echoes luxury, modernity and comfort. From short dresses and power jackets, to embellished sensuous gowns with intricate detailing, these collections are perfect for daywear and evenings out.

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