Posted on June 11, 2016 at 12:20 am

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#Fashion: "Charumathi" gives you a new line!

Fashion is moving at a very fast pace and trends are changing every day. Designer Sailesh Singhania has created a new line to promote and revive the weaves to support the weavers and to promote the Heritage of India.



“Charumathi” is aimed at the contemporary woman, who is rooted in Indian ethnicity, loves her handloom weaves, textures and colors and hand embroidery.The collection is inspired by Madurai Meenakshi, celebrating the temple traditions of Southern India with the medium of our bespoke handwoven saris.The collection primarily consists of a unique amalgamation of Ikat and Kanjeevrams along with Benarasi’s Organzas.


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The color palette is a celebration of temple colors. The designs shall be paired with intricate silver and gold antique jewelry along contemporizes vintage styling to create an appeal old charm of royal India. Saris are decked in finery, handcrafted by generations of weavers associated with us.

Hyderabad based Sailesh Singhania says

“Designers should be revivalists and work with weavers to help them introduce new yarns and designs so that our weaves and hand looms do not die out. As varied as fashion is, each woman’s choice is not just limited to the ongoing trends and new styles, but also includes how she feels that day. Keeping this in mind, our collection houses different drapes, style and weaves to meet every mood, whim and fancy of our modern-day Charumathi”.

The designer believes in harnessing the transformative power of a well-run business committed to profitable growth for the weavers.
The label aims to encompass the luxury and workmanship to deliver heritage saris! But honestly, what beautiful colors!

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