Posted on March 21, 2016 at 4:14 pm


"Ajay Chaudhary is a very good person and team owner."- Rishina Kandhari

TV actress Rishina Kandhari, who was last seen in Udaan is now part of a Frooti BCL season 2 and playing for Ajay Chaudhary’s Lucknow Nawabs team.

Rishina says,

“All my friends are participating in BCL season 2.It is a great opportunity to be with everybody. Almost the entire industry is a part of Frooti BCL season 2 and it is a great socializing platform.It doesn’t look like a competition it looks like a get together of all of us.All the team members of the different teams are good friends.It is great initiative by Colors and BCL that they have organize such a great show.”

When asked about why she chose to be a part of Ajay Chaudhary’s Lucknow Nawabs team she says,

“I chose Lucknow Nawabs because Ajay asked me to be a part of Lucknow Nawabs.If not Lucknow Nawabs then I would have joined The Ahmedabad Express because I met Ajay and Mrunal during Uttaran. I know these guys very well but Ajay asked me first so I am part of his team.He was building up his team and Lucknow Nawabs is a new team and he want my support so I chose Lucknow Nawabs.Ajay is a very good person and an amazing team owner.”

The actress on being asked about favorite cricketers says,

“I love cricket since my childhood because my cousins and my brother used to play cricket. My brother played state level cricket in Madhya Pradesh but I only played galli cricket. I used to play with my cousins and now with friends and husband. I love outdoor games. I like Dhoni and I love Virat Kohli because they are very talented,dedicated and passionate about their sport.”

Rishina further adds,

“I practice 1 hour in my building ground after that in the evening I practice with my team for four hours.My body is hurting very badly because we are practicing very hard and daily. I have not got hurt with any bat or ball but once I got hurt when Mohit Dagga was batting and I came in between and he hit it so hard that the ball straight away hit my back and it is hurting now. The best thing about Lucknow Nawabs is there is no politics in the team. Everybody plays together and equality is there in the team and we have great fun too.”

We wish you all the best for BCL!