Posted on February 10, 2016 at 2:50 pm


Munisha Khatwani shares her joy on being part of Ahmedabad Express!

Munisha Khatwani renowned astrologer and tarot card reader is going to be a part of BCL season 2 as a member of Ahmedabad Express .


When asked about her reasons to be part of the season 2 and specially Ahmedabad Express she said

“I am not going to be playing technically but will be a supporter. Mrunal Jain is a dear friend and Nandish Singh Sandhu is a good team owner too”

. Though not playing she does attends all practices at OES International School, Andheri (West) and is involved in everything related to it.

Munisha discovered her love for cricket from the time she shifted to India from Jakarta over 15 years ago. T20 World Cup is her most favorite tournament and she is huge fan of Sachin Tendulkar whom she admires for his humble nature and talent. Sharing here cricket moment she recalls the 2011 World Cup when it was tough to gauge who would win the match and M S Dhoni took over the match, the entire euphoria among the place made that moment. Talking about Ahmedabad Express Munisha says, “It is one of the best team of BCL season 2 and I share good bond with Aasiya Qazi and Toral Rasputra and am best friends with Vinod Singh.”

It would be interesting to see what the tarot cards say about the team’s victory!