Posted on February 10, 2016 at 1:44 pm


Kolkata Baabu Moshayes’ reveal their dream dates!

Nivedita Basu’s Kolkata Baabu Moshayes believe that unity and love is their strength. The team, which coincidentally sports the color red as their team color find that cords of love are enough to bind two people together. On the occasion of Valentine’s Day we asked the team, whom would they take for a date on this special day. Here is what they said:


Amit Sarin

I would like to date Deepika Padukone because she is very sensitive,passionate and a real person.


Nivedita Basu

I would like to date Ranveer Singh because the man has edge and “care a damn attitude “just the way I love.


Anuj Sachdeva

I would like to date Deepika Padukone any day because I like a woman who is a beauty with brains. She knows to carry herself with confidence.


Sudeepa Singh

I would like to date Fawad Khan because he seems like intense lover and he is different from the guys of present times. He is a true gentleman.


Salil Acharya

I would like to date Megan Fox because I have been trying to reach her since the first transformers but she hasn’t replied. So we have a history of catching up to do.


Hiten Tejwani

There is an actress called Gauri Pradhan. (smiles)I would like to date her every year because I love her and fall in love with her everyday.


Vindhya Tiwary<s/trong>

I would like to date Akshay Kumar because he has won my heart with his recent life changing effort of a little boy. After achieving so much also he is grounded and think about others which has filled my heart with so much love.He is my Valentine and my hero!


Naman Shaw

I would like to date Katrina Kaif since she is single again besides being beautiful.


Ssharad Malhotraa

I would like to date Priyanka Chopra because she is an awesome actor,dancer and singer.


Gautam Gupta

I would like to date anyone of Bollywood actress because everyone has something interesting about them.