Posted on February 1, 2016 at 5:19 pm


Hard Kaur hits the cricket pitch after 25 years!

Rapper Hard Kaur is all set to start her new innings as a cricketer in BCL season 2 this year in Ahmedabad Express.

Hard Kaur

Talking about her participation in cricket she says,

“My dear friend actress Jaswir Kaur and I play for the Punjab league and she also plays for Mrunal Jain’s team. Actually she introduced me to Mrunal saying that I am a good player. He asked if I wanted to be a part of the Ahemdabad team and I said yes of course, I’m really enjoying playing cricket after 25 years. It’s exciting.”

Talking about her fondness for cricket she adds,

“I used to play in the galli (street) as a child with the other kids from the area and it was really fun. Growing up in England I also indulged myself into different sports there we played Rounders and I even played baseball couple of times so I guess that’s why I can ball pretty well.”

So how you strike the right balance between music and acting and now playing cricket?

“I just try doing as many possible things in a day. Sometime it is really tiring but I always believe I am a strong person. You just need to be organized and focus and do not waste time in useless things.”

Box Cricket League (BCL) as a property is owned by Ekta Kapoor, Sunny Arora and Anand Mishra and would be telecast on Colors.