Posted on October 12, 2015 at 4:51 pm

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Shahid, Alia and their chilled out Dads!

Vikas Bahl’s Shaandaar is just around the corner and we’re all in love with the chemistry Alia and Shahid have on and off screen!

The two have definitely become close friends during the Shaandaar journey. What is amusing is that in today’s world, film stars can be both, friendly and competitive at the same time. They are constantly supporting one another in public or on social media, and wishing one another on birthdays! It’s true, this generation of superstars are different indeed.

Alia and Shahid recently shot for M Bole Toh, the entertaining chat show shot exclusively for India’s biggest digital content platform, Hotstar! The actors were quite upfront and honest with show host Malishka, and gave some really interesting insights into their lives, revealing things not many would know.

Read on to see what they revealed!

A Hit or Not!? 

When Malishka said she believed actors typically know the fate of the films they work on, Shahid quickly refuted this statement. He said,

I’m ready to declare on a signed legal document that no hero or heroine ever knows if a film will be a hit, but we really enjoyed working on Shaandaar, and we’re very excited about it.

Rapport with Father! 

They were asked in a rapid fire round, when they smoked for the first time? Shahid said,

I was working on Milenge Milenge and the character I was playing was of a chain smoker. One day before the shoot I lit a cigarette, because I had to enact exactly that the next day. So that’s my first memory of having a smoke.

Shahid was asked if his father was aware of this, and he said he wouldn’t have any reason to hide this from him.

Alia’s response to this question was,

If ever I do smoke, I won’t speak about it in front of my father!

She then added that one should try everything in life, but never gain a habit for it.

Sneaking out after hours… 

Alia quickly replied in one word, NEVER! Shahid on the other hand expressed that he has lived alone for ten-years and has nothing to stress about.

Family reaction to first boyfriend or girlfriend? 

Alia said her family was very chill about this and Shahid too never faced any issues!  



The full conversation will be up on Hotstar on October 13! The complete episode has 6 entertaining chapters, descriptions, and stills to follow!