Posted on August 31, 2015 at 2:57 am


Neel and Lomaticc team up for “Ride”

American Asian artist on the rise, Neel teamed up recently with Canadian artist Lomaticc! The duo created a hot new track titled “Ride.” Check out the music video!

When we asked Neel about the collaboration he said he reached out to Lomaticc because growing up he was a fan of the Culture Shock Trio, whom he believes to be pioneers in the Urban Asian music scene. Neel is still developing his music career and now that he is working on more original tracks he reached out to Lomaticc for the collaboration. On working with Lomaticc, Neel only had positive words for the popular artist. Neel said,

It was great. He is a very down-to-earth and professional artist. It was a pleasant surprise as big artists aren’t always the friendliest, but Lomaticc was close to a mentor and would even give me advice when he didn’t have to.

Neel is actually working an an album titled Emotions which will release in a few months. “Ride” was derived from another song on the album.

“We thought Lomaticc’s touch would sound cool on this one track so we sent it to him. He actually took one element of the song and made a whole new song out of it. That song turned out to be “Ride”! Lomaticc sent us a video of him explaining how he liked this new song more cause it had such a fun and dancy vibe, and when I heard a teaser of the song in the video, I instantly fell in love with it. It was such a brilliant alteration of the other track, and now both have their own separate vibes. Let’s see if people can tell which song it came from when the album drops. The hint is that both songs are pretty close to each other on the album in terms of track listing!”


The upcoming album is an amalgamation of sounds, genres and energies. Neel has a well trained team behind him including vocal coach Nick Cooper, who has worked with the likes of Beyonce, Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj! Besides Lomaticc, the uber talented violinist, Violinder on separate tracks for his album. What message does Neel have for his fans?

Keep supporting, keep showing your love. I really appreciate the support. It’s all about the fans and that’s why I do it. Whenever I read a comment by a fan or get approached before/after/during a show, it just brings a smile to my face and I am reminded of why I do what I love 🙂 Their support keeps me wanting to do bigger and bigger things. Everybody is going to love the album so stay tuned!

You heard the man! Keep it locked for more updates on Neel and his upcoming album, Emotions!