Posted on August 22, 2015 at 6:03 pm


Actor Varun Pruthi shows that Raksha Bandhan is not about protecting your sister

Actor Varun Pruthi is known for his videos with a social message, recently he released a video on the upcoming holiday Raksha Bandhan. This beautiful video shows us that Rakshan Bandhan is NOT about protecting your sister, it is about protecting ALL sisters. Take a look at this lovely video!

This video, based on a true story of how Soldier Ved Mitra Choudhary sacrificed his life to save someone else’s sister from eve teasers who were teasing and molesting her, while more than 100 bystanders just stood and watched. The video was Varun’s salute to the brave soul who showed us all that humanity is the relationship that we should hold above all. We too salute the sacrifice of Soldier Ved Mitra Choudhary and remind you all that this Raksha Bandhan don’t forget to respect all the brothers and sisters in your life.