Posted on April 4, 2015 at 2:31 am

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Imran Abbas Khan gets all excited for ‘Jaanisaar’

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Watch out tinsel town we got more Pakistani hotties entering B-TOWN! Pakistani actors seem to be all to make their mark in Bollywood, right from Ali Zafar, to the more recent Fawad Khan and now set to make his debut is actor Imran Abbas Khan! Ladies brace yourselves – more men are coming to the screens! 

Pakistani actor Imran Abbas Khan is looking ahead at new endeavors in his film career. Recently the actor spoke to a leading publication about his second film Jaanisaar and his current relationship status.

The handsome actor admitted that it was difficult for him to get into the character in the movie accurately as the film is set in 1877 Lucknow. He revealed that he worked especially hard on the dialect, the body language and the psyche of the character. He said,

“I had to play the perfect English gentleman from royalty (he is brought up in the palace) for which I had to get my gait right. At the same time my Urdu had to be extremely good as I had to deliver important lines in poetry.” 

Khan was shooting for Creature when he got the opportunity to meet Muzaffar Ali who had been planning this movie since 20 years. He said, 

When he told me he wanted to do the film with me, I had no second thoughts. In fact, irrespective of whether I would be in the film or not, I was just happy to meet him.”


Imran Abbas Naqvi
Imran Abbas Naqvi

Not every film is made with an intention of being a big commercial hit, and Jaanisaar is set to be a classic film. The actor said,

“Every element of art in Jaanisaar has been set like a jewel – characters, poetry, music, lighting, etc everything is perfect. It’s a film that will be stored in libraries.”

The gorgeous Pakistani actor dismissed the news of him being married or engaged. He clarified that he’s not even committed to anyone. The one woman he absolutely loves is the Indian beauty Madhuri Dixit. He said,

“I have been a huge fan of her and if I ever get a chance to work with her I will be on cloud nine.”

Well – the question is will he be able to win hearts in B-town with his acting and good looks? Stay tuned for his upcoming film!

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